Advanced Sorbents, 

Solving Climate Change

Welcome to the materials platform for carbon capture utilization

MetasorbexTM is an early-stage advanced materials company focusing on climate technology. We are solving the problem of the cost of carbon capture by 10x (capex and opex) for the hard-to-abate sectors - which account for 60% of global eCO2 emissions. These sectors include power plants, chemical plants, and consumer packaged goods plants. Our solution is functionalized nanocarbons to selectively adsorb and regenerate CO2 at a much lower energy than incumbent technologies. 

Carbon capture is expensive and sequestration is still cost negative

There are many carbon capture solutions out there. Ours is unique. We capture and convert it to a basic chemical building block (feedstock) in one step. The result is that we turn a cost center into a profit center, and achieves circular economy and lessens the use of petroleum. 

Sorbent: Gateway to Carbon Capture

It is central to both point capture and direct air capture. 

Nanomaterials Stand Out

Engineered nanomaterials are our core competence. The base nanomaterials are commercial. Our proprietary and patent-pending engineered nanomaterials offer outstanding capacity and durability. 


Meta (used in the Greek sense) connotes more comprehensive. Sorbex is a contraction of two words – sorbent and technology. Sorbent is a materials platform central to carbon capture methods. Technology is a persistent advancement of cost and performance of sorbent.  

3 Problem Areas 

There are 3 simultaneous problems to be solved – societal needs, business durability, and investor returns 

Our vision is to reduce or remove CO2 and convert waste to cash. The first phase is to capture concentrated CO2 in the hard-to-abate sectors or to remove dilute CO2 in air. This phase is often viewed as a cost center. Through customer discovery, this is an accounts payable in the cash flow statement, absent tax credits. Although it satisfies a societal need (reducing carbon emissions), it does not create value for customers beyond compliance.


The 2nd phase and a more challenging endeavor is to convert the one carbon into a reduced carbon species or a two-carbon molecule at an economically acceptable cost. This roadmap to value creation has strong resonance in the business community.


We are solving the first two problems durably and invariant to policy. The last problem to solve is investor returns. By selecting a growing market with a global tailwind and a robust business model, we anticipate the multiples on invested capital for equity holders to be well north of venture investment expectations.

Edward Chan & Metasorbex were selected to MassChallenge ESG 2023, Cohort 3 of Venture for Climate Tech, and mHUB Climate and EnergyTech 2024 Cohort

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